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Women Manage Households and not Money; Leave the Money Management to the Men

…Now that we have your attention, let’s clear the first thing first – the above statement is utter rubbish! From starting out successful ventures from scratch to helming uber-productive businesses, women have made their mark everywhere- Breaking glass ceilings at every stage of their journey. There was a time when this too was considered a utopia for them – but they climbed out of the depths of that trench and proved that it was not just a man’s domain. But unfortunately, while acquiring new skills, women decided to forget some valuable old ones. Money management was something that came naturally to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. These women of yore managed household finance...

Blockchain - The technology that's changing the World - Block by Block - Part 2

Blockchain is not a household fuzzword and whenever it's mentioned, more difficult names like Cryptocurrency... Bitcoin... Ethereum.. are thrown around. Sometimes understood. Mostly misunderstood. From the last time we touched upon the tip of the colossal iceberg that's Blockchain – much has changed around the world... From a ‘Dark Web’ concept, Blockchain and crypto is out there legitimizing its presence every growing day. From governments perceiving the technology and its resultant outcomes (read: Bitcoin) as a threat to its traditional methods of working and fiat currencies – there is fast-moving acceptance and even innovation coming through from the powers that be for this blitzing so...

The ELON MUSK Fascination Do we have an alternative?

Well, it certainly takes a lot of chill and a whole different level of crazy to keep your head firmly on your shoulders when you have achieved one of the most Herculean tasks a human being could ever attempt in life. But it’s not just the riches that make him, him. It is this quirk, this thirst for innovation, this love for science and his absolute I-care-a-damn attitude towards his mounting billions that make him more and more attractive - to his investors, to his shareholders, even to those who call him a con-artist but most of all to those who dream to become like him some day – that kid with stars in his eyes and a rocket in his hand – aiming to make the world a different place someda...

Your Power to Identify The Leaking Buckets of Life; The Wisdom to Fix It

Some of life’s most interesting insights and learnings dawn upon us in the midst of the most mundane activities. Some of the greatest discoveries were also made through unexpected situations. Like, we all know – A falling apple brought Isaac Newton to discover the law of gravity. Looked simple, but is it? Its life after all, silly! Not everything is as simple and straightforward. As we keep going about our daily chores with large bouts of mundane and short spurts of mindful – the ocean of experience we gather along the journey seems wide and deep. Having lived through 2020, a lot of us felt tested and jolted to reveal the innermost fears and strengths, first to ourselves and then to ou...


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