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4 Steps towards Acceptance “The hardest part of the journey is about taking the first step”

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” - Laozi It is possible that you register these words in your mind when you are facing a difficult situation, but have you had the chance to “live” them? Have you been able to use them to accept the current economic downturn and overcome the challenges it has brought with it?  Maybe your job is at risk, or you are planning to give it up to start out on a new venture or you plan to give up the existing one due to consistent losses. Whatever your situation, however bad it has been, challenges come with an o...

Goddesses in White Coats or Women with Superpowers? A Candid Conversation with India's Best Doctors

Indian women are powerful and incredible. Shakti, Bhakti, Mukti or Energy, Devotion and Liberation is within each woman, just like Maa Durga (the Goddess). Durga Puja marks the emphatic victory of Durga, the symbol of goodness, over the evil - Mahishasura. She is hailed as a warrior goddess who is an epitome of love, beauty, strength, knowledge, and courage. The brave medical army stands tall and strong in the fight against coronavirus and the consequential troubled times. The list of sleep-deprived doctors, nurses, paramedics, and health care administrators is long and ever-growing. During the last 7 months or so, we all have started reassessing the value of Doctors and the medical frate...

The 4-step formula to thrive in the prevalent Economic Crisis

Eight months ago, when we first heard of Covid-19, we didn’t pay much attention. The lockdowns, the social distancing shoutouts, and the media coverage were good as information but not of much use, then. And now, when a lot of us have a relative admitted for the dreaded disease or a friend who is isolating with the fear of being infected, Covid has come too close to not care. Something similar happened with the disease of the mind this year (is it a disease at all?). A celebrity dying of suicide and then becoming a subject of national-level investigation – made entertainment. But as we went along, deaths by suicide began happening in the neighborhood, to supposedly “common” individuals...

The Ultimate Guide to e-Book Explorations

At home, around a cup of coffee and a book in your hand that has kept you hooked for the past couple of hours – sounded like the ideal weekend to someone until a few months ago. And we did try. With the pandemic striking earlier this year, and work-from-home forcefully accepted by organizations, more and more of us stayed indoors thinking THIS is our chance! Our chance to vacation while we work, to read on weekdays, to wake up late after a whole night of bingeing on our favourite paperback. But Coronavirus had other plans. While the virus spread was persistent outside, we kept on spending more hours inside, than usual, performing chores that we had hired help for thus far and running err...


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