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The Past, Present & The Future of Urban Schooling in India An irreversible change post-pandemic ?

Do you have a kid? Do you have a Teacher in your family? Are you a parent and a teacher both? Are you on the Board of School Management anyhow? Are you facing troubles with the complete eco-system you are a part of? As the pandemic began to strike last year, life across the world started coming to a halt, affecting people from all over – Offices being shut down, malls and recreational spaces locking out, roads wearing a deserted look and Governments unable to see a way out beyond imposing curfews. But as realization begins to dawn upon us that this may just not be a problem that will blow over in a rush – humans are adapting to a new normal. Life (read school-life) , after all, has to be...

Donation or Dignity ? The War Cry for India’s Self Respect - GOONJ

"What we do for ourselves, dies with us…. What we do for others, remains Immortal." - Albert Pine Deb: There are very few individuals out in this world today who are sincerely passionate about people, their well-being and about serving their country and countrymen. They actually set out in the pursuit of taking measures on the ground that would improve the ecosystem in real-time.                Today we have that wonderful individual who has been conferred upon with the Ramon Magsaysay award and many other such prestigious honours for his service to the people and for his pragmatic idealism. The man who created a dent in the traditional idea of charity, the Founder of the invaluabl...

Want to Live after Death? Do your Succession Planning right

  A flourishing family business built carefully over time. Check. Rightful successor in place to carry forward the baton identified. Check. The family heir arms himself/ herself with a Master’s degree in Business from a prestigious university. Check. The deserving heir also gains sufficient real-time work experience from a reputed firm before joining the family business. Check. Classic textbook rules followed — all done just right. Nothing could possibly go wrong? Nothing! Are you sure? Because in most cases, that’s EXACTLY where the mistake lies… The problem lies in the assumption that Succession Planning is all about Power Transfer — from one generation to the other...

Covid 19 - India Helpline - The Must-Have Directory 

A second wave following the first. A new mutant following the original.. (and someone overheard an inevitable 3rd wave on its way too) The world is recovering and praying for us – while we grapple with the worst effects of one of the World’s Toughest Disasters ever. The Government is trying to help – we may or may not agree with that. But we have to agree that it is unprecedented for most of them too. NO ONE has seen or known such a calamity ever. Floods and earthquakes happen, droughts and flu outbreaks occur, but this?? This seems different, powerful, omnipresent – and the worst part of it being – it is becoming stronger by the day. The second wave has taken down the strongest...


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