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Internship Programme 2020-21 

Mass Communication

Time of the Year 

1. Winternship Btch - WB21 - 3 months - Nov/Dec to Jan/Feb (Not accepting applications)

2. Summer Btch - SB21 - 3 months - Mar/Apr to May/Jun (Application window will open again in February)

3. Apprenticeship Btch - AB1 - 6months - Feb/Mar to Aug/Sep - for successful Dais interns 

4. Apprenticeship Btch - AB2 - 6months - Jun/Jul to Dec/Jan - for successful Dais interns 

Vital Tip: Top Interns from WB21 & SB21 shall apply for AB1 & AB2 programs simultaneously. 

5. Time Allotment: Applications open 2 Months Prior and closes 15 days before start of the program 

Who can Apply 

The mindset 

We are an equal opportunity organisation and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, gender, race, religion, skin colour, origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability. 


a. No matter “where” you are getting/got educated or your certificates, we would want to know – “what” you are doing with your daily education b. To have good verbal & written communication skills in English c. To be passionate and willing to rise and excel in every occasion d. Definitely tech-savvy 

e. Go-getter 

Vital Tip: Inquisitive minds, Go-getters and individuals who ask questions and also are fast to work on solutions would excel in this program. 

How to Apply 

Quick Tip: Announcements for internships would be made on Dais website under the Opportunities section and also on Dais World social media handles such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Interested candidates can apply through any of these platforms with their contact details and resume information accurately filled in. 

a. Fill up this Form (Application window will open again in February ) after you have finished reading about the process overview

b. OR Share a detailed application with Resume to (mail: partners@dais.world cc: reachout@dais.world) 

c. Shortlisted applicants shall get an email confirmation 

d. Attend Telephonic rounds of interview ( upto 2 rounds) 

e. Shortlisted applicants get an email confirmation of their selection and their Selection Letters 

Rewards & Benefits 

Quick Tip: Successful completion of the Dais internship would equip the candidate with hands-on experience and knowledge ready to be implemented on his/her future job in the Mass communications field. 

1. Selection Letter 

2. Learning from the Experts 

3. Learning on a Live Platform with a curriculum centered around job readiness 

4. Dais Certification after Successful completion 

5. Top performers to be selected for Paid Apprenticeship Batches with Dais World 

Application window will open again in February

Important to Note 

  • We are not leisured with a 9 to 5 work environment. We are alert and on the toes 24x7. News Desk and Research is acting fast and deep. What is #Trending now, while you read this paragraph, has no guarantee of its lifecycle by the time you finish reading this. Staying updated is not a choice but is part of the discipline.
  • Candidates are to apply for Consequential Apprenticeship batches by the starting week of their Stage-3 timelines.


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