News > Europe May Be Moving Towards Pandemic ‘Endgame’, Says WHO

Europe May Be Moving Towards Pandemic ‘Endgame’, Says WHO

Bharat Times | 24/01/2022 01:16 PM | Click to read full article

The WHO Europe director said coming days are likely to be better after the current surge of Omicron sweeping across Europe cools down, "there will be for quite some weeks and months a global immunity, either thanks to the vaccine or because people have immunity due to the infection, and also lowering seasonality".

The European Commissioner for Internal Markets, Thierry Breton, whose brief includes vaccine production, said it will be possible to adapt existing vaccines to any new variants that may emerge. As the Omicron-led variant rages across the world, it has moved the pandemic into a new phase and could bring it to an end in Europe.