News > SRK calls Mohanlal 'OG Zinda Banda'

SRK calls Mohanlal 'OG Zinda Banda'

23/04/2024 09:39 PM | Click to read full article

Veteran actor Mohanlal has made the 'Zinda Banda' song from 'Jawan' go viral once again. In a video shared by Mohanlal's fan page on X, the actor was spotted delivering a high-energy performance on the stage on the 'Zinda Banda' song at a recent award show in Kochi. Mohanlal's dance left SRK in awe. "Thank u @Mohanlal sir for making this song the most special for me now. Wish I had done it half as good as you. You are the OG Zinda Banda," wrote SRK.